Morning Skincare Routine Trial: October


I love trying out new skincare products but I’m not so sure my skin loves it. Although I don’t have sensitive, irritated skin it has a tendency to get very congested if I use too many rich products, especially as I wear full make up most days. I have decided to trial a skincare routine for a month, sticking to the same products every day to see how my skin reacts. I am hoping that consistency will be the key to keeping my skin clear and blemish free. I have always had oily skin which I hoped would calm down now I am in my early 30s but unfortunately it is still as oily as it has ever been. I get fewer blemishes now but they seem to scar more than they used to. My aim is to find a skincare routine that keeps my pores clear and helps existing marks to fade. To do this I am going to include chemical exfoliants alongside my cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser.

This is what I have chosen and been using so far in October.


After many years of trying many different cleansers I have settled on using a foaming wash in the shower in the morning as I find it makes my skin feel fresh and clean and keeps my pores clear. I have tried using cream cleansers in the morning but I seem to have more congested skin if I do, even though this isn’t the case in the evening. My morning cleanse is done in the shower and my current favourite product is the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash from The Body Shop. I love the fresh smell and the fairly gentle foam which gives my face a thorough clean but without making it feel dry. My pores always seem to be well cleaned after using this but I like to follow with a gentle exfoliating toner.


I don’t always use a toner in the morning but when I do it is currently Eucerin DermoPurifyer. Most days I don’t need it but if my pores need a little extra cleansing or my skin is looking dull then this toner works well. It contains lactic acid which I find is quite gentle on my skin. I have to be careful not to use too much of this and to wipe it off well as it can leave a bit of a residue.

Eye cream

Eye cream is not something I bother to use all that much but as the weather is getting worse and the days are colder I like a bit of extra moisturiser around my eyes. Some moisturisers seem to make my eyes sting so I have been using Eucerin Aquaporin as it is light, gentle and fragrance free.


I have to be careful with serum and moisturiser as if I use too rich a cream along with serum my skin suffers. The serum I am using at the moment is the Superfacialist Vitamin C Brightening Serum which is very light, absorbs very quickly and smells beautiful (oranges). I don’t know yet if it does brighten my skin as it claims but it certainly feels nice on my skin and gives some extra hydration.


As I am using a serum at the moment I am sticking to La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide moisturiser as it is very, very light and non-greasy. There is no scent and it is designed to suit the most sensitive skin. I don’t find this enough on its own but over serum it is perfect and doesn’t prevent my make up from staying in place by being too greasy an heavy.

If my skin is hit by blemishes I will also use Dr Spot by Soap & Glory. I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel and so far it seems to be working quite well.

So this is everything. I will post my thoughts on this combination of products at the end of the month.

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